BiOmega III Plus

The BiOmega III Plus product is one of the most popular health supplements offered under the Nutritionals category of Usana Health Sciences. Any products that bear the brand of Usana would have underwent much high-level research before they are made available in the market.

The BiOmega III Plus comes in capsule forms which is available in a bottle where the consumer will enjoy better and stronger immune system through the omega-3 fatty acids. One of the most important factors about Omega-3 which together with Omega-6 forms the biosynthetic precursors to the eicosanoids which are very important agents in helping to retain the normal processes in the body and mind. Therefore, it is vital that the levels of Omega-3 and Omega-6 are maintained in a balanced manner.

Apart from enhancing brain activities and memory, the Omega-3 fatty acids are known to help in supporting stronger and healthier joins while promoting better bone health in general.

Usana’s BiOmega III Plus provides guaranteed levels of EPA and DHA that the body needs each day. This will in the long term help to enhance the immune system, joint health and the general well-being. Each capsule provided under BiOmega III Plus comes with 100 IU (International Unit) of Vitamin D and is specially made to taste good when it is chewed. This comes with lemon oil which eliminates the fishy aftertaste that most fish oil supplements usually has.


This product is developed to offer the best convenience for you where you will enjoy more than the usual average of fish oil the body needs. It is easy to consume, chewable and tastes good. The best thing about the BiOmega III Plus is that it is free from harmful contaminants like mercury which is another common trait with other fish oils. This is made possible through the double distillation process adopted by Usana to deliver only the best health products to you.